Robot Missions is harnessing the power of robots to help our planet.


Our low-cost robot platform assists with environmental observation, cleanup, and restoration.


We aim to make park operations more efficient at reducing the accumulation of hard-to-see pollution on their shorelines.

Field Test Results


Our Field Tests engage the community through a hands-on experience of operating the robot, and setting up tasks to measure advanced features. This puts into practice the role robots will play in addressing the harm to our environment caused by increasing amounts of pollution on shorelines.


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Field Tests




Kilograms collected by robot


Meters travelled by robot

Robot Platform


Our robot platform is an essential tool for improving efficiency of manual efforts. Suitable for remote operation for activities that pose a danger or difficulty for humans.


With interchangeable modules, functionality can be adapted to different tasks and terrains. Replicable anywhere that has access to a 3D printer.

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We’re starting a movement of those who believe we can improve our environment by actively using & developing new, accessible, cutting edge robots.


Whether you’re more tech minded, environmental minded or just want to support – join us on the journey!


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