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Robot Missions


We are makers and environmentalists collaborating on large challenges using a robotic platform

Working at the intersection of technology and nature, applying ways for both fields to help each other reach further

Together, we embark on audacious pursuits and missions that challenge us to deploy, test, iterate our tech in the field

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Deploy the robot. Accomplish the tasks. Analyse and share the results.

Missions are set by the community, deciding on ways to help improve the environment with a given challenge

This will involve working together with the environmentalists to formulate an understanding of the natural ecosystem in order to develop the necessary capabilities of the robot

We envision multiple missions being launched in the future — we’re currently piloting our first mission

Mission #1 Underway:
Clearing debris from shoreline and monitoring the local environment

Field tests and design iterations are currently underway. Learn More

Thank you to our Kickstarter backers for helping us to take on the Mission Pilot!

We encourage all robots to participate in a “leave no trace” policy when going into the field

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Robot Platform


The robot platform will allow robot makers to apply their skills to building robots to clear shoreline debris.

It is currently in the prototyping phase and will become an open source kit for robot makers. Learn More

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