Robot Missions enables makers and environmentalists to collaborate on challenges facing the environment with the use of a robot platform

Mission Pilot Results


The first mission is shoreline cleanup. Thanks to the help of 96 backers on our Kickstarter campaign, we started a Mission Pilot – going on 11 Field Tests during Summer 2016


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participants at Field Tests


kilograms of tiny-trash debris collected


meters travelled by robot

Robot Platform


Our robot platform is an essential tool for people involved with citizen science. The robot aims to address tasks with automation and improved efficiency, unlike current operations that rely on manual efforts and use traditional tools.


This robot is well-suited for environmental quests in areas that might be dangerous or difficult for humans to access.


With interchangeable modules, you can adapt the functionality to different tasks and terrains. Designed to be replicated anywhere that has access to a 3D printer.

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We’re starting a movement of those who believe we can improve our environment by actively using & developing new, accessible, cutting edge robots.


Whether you’re more tech minded, environmental minded or just want to support – we need your input!


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We’re grateful to the support given to let Robot Missions advance.


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