Welcome to the Robot Missions Field Test on June 3rd in Ottawa! This page will have everything you will need to know.


During the interactive Field Test, you will operate the robot, and help set up tasks to measure advanced features. Sub-groups will note observations and monitor the robot.



Mooney’s Bay Beach, at the southern-most area on the beach


We have just a few items for you to complete:

  • Complete this post-Field Test survey HERE
    This will only take a couple of mins and will help us understand how to make our Field Test experience better!
  • Optional Written reflection pieces – email them here
    If you wish to write a written reflection piece on this experience, send it to us and we may feature it on our blog!
  • Upload media to Google Drive here
    If you took any photos during the event, please upload them to our shared folder


  • Complete this pre-Field Test survey HERE
    This will only take a couple of mins and will help us see where our participants are at!
  • Sign the media release form HERE
    We will be filming snippets for our YouTube channel. Bring in the form or send it digitally to hello@robotmissions.org
  • Choose your top 2 sub-groups
    See photos below — This will be which team you’ll be participating in and what your main focus will be
  • If you can bring snacks, that will be great & much appreciated for the group

Field Test Location

Field Test Subgroups


1:00 – Introduction of Robot Missions, and form subgroups

1:10 – 10 min beach clean

1:20 – Discuss what we found, where, and ecological effects

1:30 – Overview of the robot: capabilities, and how it was made

1:40 – Task 1 start

2:00 – Task 1 complete

2:00 – 10 min break

2:10 – Task 2 start

2:30 – Task 2 complete

2:30 – Experiment: Participant generated task!

2:45 – Task complete

2:45 – Debrief session

3:00 – Field Test complete

3:00 – Video interviews (optional)

3:30 – Bowie gets packed up


  • Complete this post-Field Test survey
    Similar to the survey prior, this will help us understand how to improve our next Field Test
  • Send us your photos & videos via Google Drive / Dropbox
    It will be great to use this footage in our YouTube video (we will attribute you in the credits section)

Field Test Experience

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