Get Involved

Please note: We are in the process of updating this information with our revised objectives. What you see below is a previous version. For a preview, please see our updates on Twitter


You can be a part of this exciting journey! We are always looking for more help at Robot Missions.


Local Challenge Exercise


One way to get involved is to think about your local community, and how a robot could be used as a tool to assist it. Below are the questions. When you are done, send us your response using the form below


  • What is an environmental problem that your local community faces?
  • Who would need to be involved to help solve this?
  • How would the robot alleviate some of this problem?
  • What functionality does the robot need?






Here are five ways you can get involved:

1. Volunteer at our Field Test – find the latest ones on our Facebook page

2. Are you / do you know of someone in the field of environmental studies? We would love to be introduced to them! Please contact us

3. Recommend our robot to your local conservation area

4. Comment on our stories with your thoughts, and share with your friends

And of course…

5. Pick up shoreline debris when you see it!



Email us!