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Kit Log #009: One box of LEDs – Four hours there and back

Kit Log #009: One box of LEDs – Four hours there and back

Today we missed the delivery of the box of LEDs that we need. If we didn’t have it today, then that would mean we would miss the entire weekend to work on the assembly photos of the kit; this would be non-ideal timing. There was one possible solution: if we figured out the centre where the trucks head back to, then maybe we could pick it up. The process of figuring out the location and trying to hold the box took 4 overly complicated calls to the shipping company’s support. The location ended up being quite far away, but somewhat reasonable to reach by public transportation … less the whole walking on the side of the road alone in the dark part. The trek began at 5:00pm sharp, and ended at 9:00pm. It’s about 1.5 hours of travel each way – minus delays from waiting for buses, with no breaks. In the end, we made it back A-OK, and we have the LEDs!

We tried to print the flexible disks today, but they were not adhering properly to the build platform. In total, 6 iterations of the settings were tried. Further investigation will be needed.

On the last hour back on the bus, progress was made on the Brain Kit written instructions. Currently it sits at step 5.5 / 11 is complete as a first pass.

It was an effort to get the box LEDs, but yet there is not much progress to show for today. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.