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Welcome to these Bowie Kit progress log updates. We’re going to show you behind the scenes of how we are progressing on documentation and preparing Bowie Kits. In this log, we are packing the Bowie Brain Kit. What we did was organized all the components necessary for a Bowie Kit into a box. We also found packaging for the boxes at Dollarama that would fit, the colour was a pleasant surprise. The labels were made by laser cutting bristol board and taping them to the box. The delicate components are placed inside the bottom enclosure. The Bowie Brain circuit board is added on top, then the motor connectors. The top enclosure is added, and this then gets wrapped. After that, it goes into the box. The packaging fluff stuff is recycled from Digikey. The loose components are labelled and go in to yet another recycled Digikey bag. The packing list is then added on top, with some more recycled packing fluff stuff.

Check out the photos with captions below in the image gallery to see the process of packing of the kit.


That’s all for now. We’re starting the kit log at #003, but there were a couple of steps before this one. We don’t know how long it will take until the kit is finished, so that’s why there’s space for 999 logs in the numbering of the title. Hopefully it won’t take 999. The logs are to be written quickly, like as if it were a captains log on a spacecraft during a long journey. Stay tuned for more kit logs. We will probably have a contest at some point to guess how many logs it will take until *everything* for version 1.0 is on the store.