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We received the components for three Super Bright Lights kits, except for the LEDs. The packing list is complete, except for the 3D printed enclosure and the fasteners. Apparently we have not yet designed an enclosure for this board. Looking at the other Bowies around, the backs of this board was covered with electrical tape with the rest exposed. Guess we never got around to it then, but now is the time when we need to make it.

The progress today was measuring out the wire, cutting it, packaging the three kits. We then moved on to the motors. The progress on the motors today was: 1) taking count of the pieces needed to print before proceeding, 2) measuring the wires and cutting it. A few steps were written on the Bowie Brain Kit assembly instructions. More will be written tonight, following this update.

As you see, there’s only 1 image in the gallery, however there are actually 5 images to show. During the day, time was spent on trying to make media uploads to our website more reliable. Behind the scenes work that doesn’t directly impact the kits, but is still necessary. For example, when trying to upload the 5 images to this gallery, none of them worked the 1st time or 2nd time, giving an obscure ‘HTTP Error’ – which is without an error code. Currently 80% of the time used to make these updates is spent on figuring out how to upload images without error, which doesn’t lend itself to quick logs. Enough errors, gotta go work on the enclosure now. [Edit: Just made it work and all 5 are uploaded.]