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Today we finished the last 2/3rds of writing the written descriptions for the Brain kit. There were a few steps that could be deleted too, which meant going from 55 pages in a google doc down to 51 pages. The next step is to go through it for editing – there are some steps that are missing the part numbers, and there are “TODO” comments scattered throughout. Then will be organising the getting started code. After that step will be pretty exciting, we’ll get to start putting it on the website!

We also took a tally of where the other kits are in the process:

Brain kit – step 5

Power pack – step 2.5

Super bright lights – step 2

Operator interface – step 0.5

Motor kit – step 0.5

It was sort of overwhelming this morning to try to figure out where to start, since there’s a lot to do across a lot of kits. Taking the tally helped to take a step back (pun not intended) and see where some headway could be made today. Tomorrow we’ll complete the editing on brain kit, and try to get operator interface and motor kit to 1’s.