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Kit Log #033: Headway on written descriptions

Kit Log #033: Headway on written descriptions

There was decent headway today on the written descriptions and parts paragraphs. The parts paragraphs is what goes above the start of the table on each page, essentially to give an overview.

  • Super bright lights: completed steps and parts paragraphs. Final number of steps is 86 (and deleted 22 steps)
  • Power pack: completed parts paragraphs
  • Operator interface: still in progress, this one is massive. Started with 180 steps, now there is 159. Am currently at step #51
  • Wheel kit: this is next after operator interface

Once these are complete, there will be a minor modification needed for the python script. This is because the brain kit instructions did not have the image url in the cell, just the portion of the filename. It will be fine, a do-able modification.

The hope for the next kit log is to have operator interface and wheel kit written descriptions complete. Let’s see how far it can get.