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Kit Log #036: All kit steps complete!!

Kit Log #036: All kit steps complete!!

Woohoo! All of the kit steps are complete! Today, completed the wheel kit written descriptions and parts. This concludes that phase of the written documentation. Now we can start to look forward to some beta testing on the electronics!

Additionally, today we looked at css for buttons, which will go at the bottom of each page to go forwards and backwards to the subsequent part. The test buttons are implemented on this page here.

The next kit log we will be able to adjust the python script as needed. It will be great to have it set up so that it can output each part as an entire page, with the buttons too, to just paste into wordpress.

All this said, it’s just the conclusion of one phase. There is still additional written work to be done, this would be for the CAD images documentation. All the CAD model images are done – for each step. They are also annotated (circles where the screws insert etc). The good news is that now that we have a process – between the google sheets and python scripts – it might be a bit faster. We’ll see.

Huzzah! That part is complete! Finally!