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Today’s kit log has progress scattered in various bits all over the place. There was progress made on starting a new python script that takes both the steps and parts (aka, sections) and will eventually export the html for the pages. We found the first “bug” in the instructions. Bowie brain kit part 9 step 23 has a duplicate image, it should be image z7-2, not z7-1. Being able to be at the point where we can find these bugs is pretty cool, finally.

We also made progress on the ‘last modified’ date that will get updated on each page. This was annoying because we tried various plugins, but they would bork the backend, so we had to try different ways, but then someone on a forum pointed us in a way to make that not happen, and finally the original way worked. It took a bit more time than expected to make ‘last modified’ work.

Additionally, we made progress on moving some of the 3D printed pieces instructions over to google sheets format. It looks like we will use google sheets as the master version, as it is easily editable, and then use the python script to transfer that to the format for the pages. Maybe one day we can make it auto update or something! The next kit log will continue the progress on the script, so that we can start putting up the pages.