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We received info from the Master’s engineering design team about their project plan. Their project plan is very focused, which is good to hopefully provide a useful result. As well, it contains a stretch goal. Later this week, we will have a chance to meet and discuss what resources will be needed.

Here is some info from their plan:

Our project would be divided into 3 parts, 2 fundamental parts and 1 advanced part

1. Mechanical design of the mechanical structure (Pan-Tilt Mount) – Fundamental

Object: This pan-tilt mount should be able support 360 version of camera

2. Environment configuration of robot vision system – Fundamental

Object: Installing tensorflow on Raspberry Pi, connecting Raspberry Pi and IR camera. After

configuration, the picture captured by IR camera should be able displayed in tensorflow on Raspberry Pi

3. Object detection and recognition based on IR image – Advanced

Object: Designing object detection and recognition algorithm based on IR image using Tensorflow

We look forward to working with them and for developing a new Bowie module. More to come later in the week!