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Here’s part 2 of the beta brain kit progress! Tonight Beck and Brenda were soldering many of the headers needed for this board, taking approximately 3 hours. Watch the video snippet update here

Some of the bugs found this week were:

  • Overview:
    Might want to mention about having a micro USB cable that can do sync
  • Part 5, Step 16 – Rephrase 4x 5 pins, so they can all be cut at once. Had to sand F headers to fit
  • Part 5, Step 25 – Two right-most holes for the current sensor
  • Part 5, Step 26 – ‘All available pads’, not quite

They are making great progress and finding useful bugs to improve on in the instructions. I think that next week they will be pretty close to getting set with installing the Teensy and Arduino software to program the board with its first blink! Want to see part 1 of the progress? Check it out here