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Bowie Imagery

We had two Bowie robots collecting imagery data during our Summer 2018 Mission Pilot. OG Bowie and Yellow Bowie. These two robots either had a ground cam or a nav cam. The ground cam was mounted below the base on the front middle tile. The nav cam was mounted to the top of the enclosure on the right hand side. The ground cam was specifically angled for detecting debris in front of the robot for picking with its arm or scoop. The nav cam was angled to see the augmented reality markers placed in the field, so the robot could autonomously navigate in its zone. Some of the images were captured at 320px x 240px, and others were captured at 640px x 480px. For higher resolution, sometimes we mounted a GoPro on the robot, and we can use that. As well as various photos taken with our mobile devices.

This is a work in progress. The data shown below are of images that we tagged as having a subject of interest (aka a piece of debris) in them. This can range from cigarette butts, bark, feathers, glass, plastic, twigs, leafs, stones, etc. There is much more data to go through, this is just one of the sets. In the future, hopefully we will make a better way to see the tags associated with the images.

If our dataset is useful to you in anyway, we’d ask that you credit Robot Missions, and also consider sharing your data too!


OG Bowie [groundcam]: 09-08-2018_11-09 (2pm field test)

65 / 2299 images contained a subject of interest. September 8, 2018 at Westboro Beach.