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Employment and Involvement

at Robot Missions

Advance your knowledge of robotics and have the opportunity to see your work deployed and have a real-world impact

Featured: Robo-Wrangler

Bring the robots to and from the beach during the summer and assist in the hands-on observation & data collection

Open Positions

Mission Operations Lead

Be part of the success for involving the community into the Robot Missions initiatives. (Paid position)

Software Developer

Code the robots. Lay the foundation for autonomous operation by our robot platform. (Paid position)


If you believe in our vision and want to join the cause, the below volunteer positions are a way you can do so! We would expect a time commitment of 2-3 hours per week, for the duration of the summer.


Dive in to robotics hands-on by being a Robo-Wrangler for a week to deploy the robots on Westboro Beach or Mooney’s Bay Beach