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Mission Operations Lead

Be part of the success for involving the community into the Robot Missions initiatives. Assist with the event organization, and the marketing and communications.

Mission Operations Lead Position

Robot Missions is embarking on Municipal Trials, where we will be using 3 robots daily on Westboro Beach or Mooney’s Bay Beach. The purpose of the robots is to collect trash on the beach. A large portion of this is community driven, with the support of volunteers and participants!

This paid contract opportunity presents itself for you to be part of an exciting initiative this summer and help it be successful.

As Mission Operations Lead, you will help organise Robot Missions’ interaction with the public. You will be responsible for the scheduling of volunteers (aka Robo-Wranglers) to bring the robots to the beaches. As well as helping our Field Tests each weekend run smoothly. This will involve contacting volunteers and participants, setting up social media posts and Facebook events.

You will be expected to help train volunteers and participants on how to use the robot. (Don’t worry, it’s not overly difficult).


  • 10 to 20 hours per week
  • Organise the daily testing schedule
  • Connect with volunteers to determine their timing and which robot
  • Reach out to find potential volunteers
  • Attend daily testing setup (5 times / wk for 1h)
  • Scheduling of the robots circulating in the community
  • Organising weekly Field Tests
  • Attending the Field Tests (4h / wk – In-Kind)
  • Preparing updates for social media & mailing list
  • Respond to inquiry emails

Experience Required

  • Have run and organised events successfully
  • Have coordinated a group of volunteers
  • Outgoing, energetic, growth mindset personality
  • Not afraid of speaking in front of groups
  • Creating Facebook events, using WordPress
  • Using Photoshop to make graphics

Other Requirements

  • Be able to be at Westboro Beach or Mooney’s Bay at 9 / 10am for a few days per week
  • Start date: May (flexible)
  • End date: August 31
  • This would be offered as a contract position
  • Own laptop preferred, but we can make accommodations if necessary


To apply, fill out the form below:

  • Descriptions of events you have run in the past
  • Resume / CV
  • Two references
  • Tell us about what interests you about Robot Missions
  • Describe what your timing looks like for the start date and summer

Applications close at 8pm on May 9, 2018.