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Software Developer

Code the robots. Lay the foundation for autonomous operation by our robot platform

Software Developer Position

Robot Missions is embarking on Municipal Trials, to deploy our robots into the real world environment in order to reduce pollution on beaches. This paid opportunity presents itself for you to work on code that will be used in the field — literally!

As a Software Developer, you will be responsible to develop code related to the cognition aspects — laying the foundation of the visual recognition on the robot. Your work will ensure the robot only collects non-natural debris, and not cause destruction in the surrounding environment. You will be working with Erin (founder of Robot Missions) on this, by developing your own new code and integrating with the existing code.

Each day we will be testing improvements to the functionality. You will be expected to join for one hour at least 3 times per week in order to observe your code in action and make the necessary changes. As well, you will be expected to join our outreach activities with the community on the weekend.


  • Bring robot to either Westboro Beach or Mooney’s Bay beach for 8 / 9am
  • Retrieve robot at 11:30am / 12pm
  • Optional: Help the testing and observation

Experience Required

  • Can program in Python
  • Quick learner, growth mindset, constantly improving
  • Not afraid to try a variety of tasks in programming
  • Experience with Raspberry Pi (or similar single-board computers)
  • Show us at least 2 projects you have developed (1 must be using Python)
  • Understanding of the role of software in robot systems (ie, more external variables in play with a robot system than compared to on a computer)

Other Requirements

  • Be able to be at Westboro Beach or Mooney’s Bay at 9 / 10am for a few days per week
  • Start date: April (flexible)
  • End date: August 31
  • This would be offered as a contract position
  • Own laptop preferred, but we can make accommodations if necessary


To apply, fill out the form below:

  • Two links to your top projects (1 must be in Python)
  • Links to Portfolio / Github / Website
  • Resume / CV
  • Two references
  • Describe what your timing looks like for the start date and summer
  • Tell us about what interests you about Robot Missions

Applications close at 8pm on April 4, 2018.