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3. Enclosure Sides

Now we are assembling the sides of the enclosure. This will bring the pieces you just assembled all together.

*Note: If you plan on driving your Bowie around a lot (who wouldn’t?) we recommend blue thread lock on the fastener threads. It’s possible some pieces may require sanding.

Enclosure Sides

  • 32x 16mm screws
  • 14x 10mm screws
  • 2 x plastic binding posts
  • 46 x washers
  • 46 x nuts
  • Fine sandpaper

First, join the two hinge pieces together using the female end of the binding post. Test to see how the hinge moves. This hinge should bend smoothly, without much resistance. If it isn’t smooth, remove the binding post piece and try sanding the inside of the hinge joints. When you are satisfied with the hinge, screw in the male end of the binding post. You may find it helpful by inserting two coins (eg. quarters) into the slotted face of each end of the binding post; then twisting them together.

Repeat the above step for the other side.

Use 4x10mm screws with washers and nuts to fasten 3 plates together.

Use 4x10mm screws with washers and nuts to fasten another 3 plates together for the other side.

These 3 tiles will be the back of the side enclosure assembly. Fasten them together with 4x10mm screws, washers and nuts.

Fasten the two corner pieces to the 3 back tiles, using 4x16mm screws, washers and nuts.

Make sure that the flat side of the side assembly is facing outward, and that the lip with holes is on the top. Now, attach one of your assembled sides to the corner piece using 2x16mm screws, washers and nuts.

Next, do the same for the other side. Fasten with 2x16mm screws, washers and nuts.

Attach the assembled hinge to the side assembly with 1x10mm screw, nut and washer. Make sure the lip with the holes is up and the long side of the hinge is on the bottom.

Use 1x10mm screw, nut and washer to attach the hinge on the other side.

Now, take your top assembly and place it on your assembled sides.The top lip of the sides should fit nicely into your top assembly. Line up the holes, and begin attaching the top assembly to the side assembly using 20x16mm screws with washers and nuts.

Go all around the enclosure with these screws

Next, take 4x16mm screws with washers and the light mounts. Put the screws through the light mounts and the bottom hinge. Do not fasten them with nuts yet!

Get your base assembly. Ensure that the lips and trusses of the base are facing down. Line the base assembly up with your 4 screws. Now, fasten them together with nuts.

Congratulations!! You have completed your Bowie enclosure!!

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