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3. Drive system

We’ll be building out the struts for the drive system in this step. These are the pieces that will attach to the chassis of Bowie, and connect it to the wheels.

*Note: If you plan on driving your Bowie around a lot (who wouldn’t?) we recommend blue thread lock on the fastener threads.

Fasteners required

  • 16x M3 10mm
  • 16x M3 washers
  • 16x M3 hex nuts

Pieces required – Check out the pieces page for what to print! (Coming soon)

If you ever need a to see what you are working on, feel free to go back to the splash page, where there is an interactive 3D model viewer there.

Moving on to the struts. Get your dovetail M ready.

Get one strut and one mirror strut. Note the orientation of the struts and the dovetail. Slide them into the dovetail and secure them with 2x M3 10mm screws.

Use 2x M3 10mm screws to secure the other side.

Get your angle and angle mirror pieces ready. Note the orientation in the picture. Use 2x M3 10mm screws to hold them in place.

Now, use 2x M3 10mm screws on the other side.

Get two motor mounts ready. Again, note the orientation of the mounts. Attach the motor mounts to the angles with 4x M3 10mm screws.

On the opposite side, add another 4x M3 10mm screws.

Slide the top of your dovetail on top of the dovetail M piece. This may require some sanding.

Now, place the key into the top of the dovetail. This may also require some sanding.
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