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4. Adding wheels

It’s all coming together now! This step will add the wheels to the struts, and it will be complete! This part will need to be repeated for a total of 2 times, for each side. Pay attention to the details of each piece, as sometimes the orientation can be easily mistaken.

*Note: If you plan on driving your Bowie around a lot (who wouldn’t?) we recommend blue thread lock on the fastener threads.

Fasteners required

  • 8x M3 10mm
  • 8x M3 washers
  • 8x M3 hex nuts

Pieces required – Check out the pieces page for what to print! (Coming soon)

If you ever need a to see what you are working on, feel free to go back to the splash page, where there is an interactive 3D model viewer there.

When you’re done this – congratulations! Keep at it and keep going until your Bowie is complete.

Now, insert the wheel into the motor mount.

Do the same on the other side.

Secure the wheels to the motor mount with 4x M3 10mm screws.

Add 4x more M3 10mm screws.

Congratulations! You’ve made half of the drive system. Repeat the above steps for the other side.
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