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10. LEDs for the keypad

Now time to add the LEDs for the keypad. In this part you will need the 6 white LEDs.

Obtain the 6x 5mm white LEDs. They will be a clear lens.

The orientation of the LED is that the longer lead goes in to the hole that is opposite the hole with a straight line on the silkscreen. See photo for details. You can also feel on the LED where there is a flat on the circle, and that corresponds to the straight line on the silkscreen.

Insert the LEDs into LED1, LED2, LED3, LED4, LED5, LED6.

Here’s how the LEDs should look, as seen on an angle. Gently bend the leads of the LEDs to keep them in place when flipping the board. Then, flip the board.

Ensure the LED is flush with the circuit board. Then, apply solder to all the pads of the LEDs.

Cut the leads of the LEDs with diagonal cutters. Then, flip the board.

Obtain the joystick in the kit. It should be noticable, since it is a joystick.

Insert the joystick into the circuit board at U2. The orientation should be correct such that all the pins line up with the holes.

Here’s a closer look on an angle of how the pins for the joystick should line up. Then, flip the board.

Using your soldering iron, solder the pads of the joystick. Remember to solder each one, it is worth to double check.

Congratulations! You have soldered the keypad of the operator interface! In the next part, we will connect the display and the keypad together.
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