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6. Teensy preparation

Now it is time to prepare the Teensy 3.2 for the operator interface by giving it some headers. Follow the steps to see which headers, how many pins, and where, are necessary.

Now it is time for the M headers for the Teensy 3.2. There are 2x 14 pins, and 2x 5 pins needed. On one of the 5 pin headers, remove the 2nd pin using needlenose pliers and pulling.

Insert the two 14 pin headers along the long edges of the Teensy 3.2.

Tack down one of the pads on each row with solder. Then, reflow and position the headers so that they are flush and perpendicular.

Using your soldering iron, solder the remainder of the headers.

Insert the 5 pin header at the back edge of the Teensy 3.2.

Ensure the header is flush and perpendicular with the board. Using your soldering iron, solder the pads of the header.

Insert the last 5 pin M header, the one with one of the pins missing. Line it up so the absent pin corresponds to the location without a hole.

Using your soldering iron, solder the pads of the header.

Congrats! Your Teensy 3.2 now has all the headers on it, and your display board also has the headers! We will plug it in in the next step.
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