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3. Batt connector and a bit of enclosure

In this part we will solder the wires to the battery connector, followed by adding that and the switch temporarily into the enclosure for the next part. You will need the lower enclosure, the switch, the battery connector, wires, and heat shrink.

Obtain the battery connector and mount it into the third hand tool.

Insert the positive wire, corresponding to letter (A), into the terminal on the battery connector nearest to the side that has the flat edge. You will also notice this side is labelled +.

Solder the positive wire to the terminal.

Repeat, but for the negative wire. Insert the negative wire, corresponding to letter (B), into the terminal in the battery connector. It gets inserted into the angled side, and you will also notice this is labeled -.

Solder the negative wire to the terminal.

Here is a closer look to show the results of the soldering. The connections should be firm.

Add heat shrink tubing to the wires. Bring them as close as possible to the inner cavity of the terminals.

Apply heat to shrink the heat shrink tubing. Now the connections will be covered.

Insert the newly assembled battery connector through the enclosure like so. The flat, short, edge of the connector should be flush with the side of the enclosure.

Obtain the switch. Insert it into the enclosure as well.

The gold terminal of the switch should be farthest away from the back edge of the enclosure. See the photo to understand. It is the slightly less shiny terminal than the other two.

In case an additional photo angle helps to explain the gold terminal better, here is another photo angle.
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