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4. Last two – terminals and headers

In this part we will conclude the soldering of the circuit board by adding the screw terminals and headers. The screw terminals will be where the LEDs are added. It allows for easy disconnection while still being secure. This is good for if any modifications are needed. For this part you will need the two screw terminal blocks, and a 6 pin M header.

Obtain the screw terminals. Insert them into the location close to the bottom edge of the board. The openings of the screw terminals should be facing outwards (ie, facing to the edge of the board).

Here is another look to show the orientation of the screw terminals.

Apply tape to keep the screw terminals in place when flipping the board. Flip the board.

Solder the first pads of each screw terminal. Then, reflow each of these while ensuring the component is placed flush against the board.

Solder the remainder of the pads.

Here is what the soldering should look like when complete. Flip the board.

Obtain a 6 pin M header. Insert this at J0. Apply tape to keep it in place. Flip the board.

Ensure the header remains flush and perpendicular to the board.

Solder the header pads.
Flip the board.

Congratulations! You have completed the soldering of this board.

Here is an angled view if you want to double check your work.
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