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6. Wheel

The most fun piece of the wheel is here, and that is the (drumroll) wheel! In this part you will be adding the wheel.
For this step you will need the front disk, the wheel, and 5x M3 16mm screws, washers, and hex nuts. Plan to add blue threadlock to each of the fasteners.

It’s all going to come together now! Obtain the front disk, 5x M3 16mm screws, 5x washers, and 5x M3 hex nuts in your kit. Also the wheel! Don’t forget the wheel.

Place the front disk onto the larger flexidisk. Forming a flexi sandwhich between the front and back disks.

Place the wheel over the front disk. Align all of the disks so that the holes are aligned. Apply blue threadlock, and insert a M3 16mm screw with a washer.

Attach the hex nut onto the end of the screw.

Repeat for all 5 screws until complete.

Here is what the back of the wheel should look like with all 5 hex nuts added.
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