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Progress & Tech Logs

Latest updates related to the continual development and behind the scenes making of Bowie robot kits

Tech Log #029: Drag & drop works

Tech Log #029: Drag & drop works

The drag & drop functionality now works! Check out the gif. By a count, about 8 methods were tried before reaching one that worked. Thought about the problem a bit differently, broke it down into tiny steps, and with a bit of tinkering, it works.    ...

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Tech Log #027: Message logger

Tech Log #027: Message logger

There's now a program that will listen for all the messages sent to the MQTT broker and log it to a csv file. This is useful to store the data. Right now, the parameters that are saved are simply the date, time since the epoch, topic, payload, qos and retain. It was...

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Collaboration Logs

See what our collaborators from coast to coast to coast are working on


Upcoming events, recent announcements, and the good things that are happening

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Website under re-construction

Our website is under construction. We'll be back soon with more information on how you can build your own Bowie robot

Helping the Planet with Robots

Robot Missions’ Bowie Robot Platform puts the tools of helping our environment directly in the hands of the community,  democratising robotics for tackling these challenges together.

The Robot Missions initiative is made possible thanks to the generous support of volunteers, collaborators, sponsors, and the community for continuously cheering us on. Thank you to all who make Robot Missions possible!

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