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Robot Missions Bounties

Robot Missions bounties are available for developers, makers, and artists who would like to contribute to our initiative, with the added bonus of a micro-reward.

Why are we offering Bounties?

Building robots touches on several areas — software, electrical, mechanical, production, and even more. Robot Missions has a variety tasks to accomplish for building out the robots. We want to invite those to contribute their skills, and be rewarded in a micro way, to reach our goals this summer.

How it works

There will be three waves of bounties during the summer. We accept applications for one week, then each wave is underway for two weeks.

  1. Find a task you are interested in and would be able to complete (it’s ok if you have to do a bit of learning!)
  2. Apply – send us a description of how you think you would tackle the challenge, and anything you have created before
  3. If you are selected, we will have a Google Hangout to go over all the details
  4. There will be 2 checkpoints, where the Robot Missions crew will go over your progress and provide feedback (If needed, can extend for one week)
  5. Final deliverable and Google Hangout
  6. Robot Missions sends you the money via Stripe / Paypal / Interac e-Transfer

What’s the catch?

You have to release your work open source under the MIT license onto Github, and let Robot Missions can use your work created forever.

Once the final deliverable is received and approved, Robot Missions will disperse the funds via Stripe, Paypal, or Interac e-Transfer.

The bounties are available to anyone in the world, so long as we can Google Hangout together. As the robots are located in Ottawa, Ottawa based applicants will be preferred for some of the hands-on tasks.

OK, I’m in!

Great! Check out the bounties below and the application form. We look forward to discussing!

Wave 1 Micro-Bounties

Applications open June 21 – 28

Python Bowie API <-> MQTT

Port the Bowie firmware API parser to Python. Connect via Serial to an Arduino to listen to Bowie API messages. Have a function that takes the parsed output and creates the relevant events as a MQTT feed. Note: an Arduino is required for this


Sensor dashboard on via MQTT feed

Take sample messages from the Bowie firmware API MQTT feed and display the sensor data on Set up dashboards for our three robots.


Field Test & Debris logger page

Web form that would let participants enter data about the debris they found, how the robot performed, and any other observations. Form would have quick options to count number of common items, for example, cigarette butts. Data would be logged to a .csv file on our server.


Pi camera image dashboard mjpeg stream

Make a web page interface that displays a mjpeg stream. Admin control (on a separate, password protected page) would allow for changing the quality of the feed to reduce bandwidth if on cellular. Camera image should also be uploaded to our server (via FTP, possibly).


Social media assistance

Join us as a guest on our social media accounts for two weeks. You’ll be interacting with our community and communicating what the latest news is. We’d expect about two posts per day.

1 Smoothie ($5)

Field Test photographer / videographer

Capture memorable moments from the Robot Missions Field Tests on Saturdays for two weeks and share the files with us.

1 Smoothie ($5)