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1. Motor enclosure

It’s now time to assemble one of the coolest sub-assemblies of the robot, and that is: the drive system! It’s great because it involves the wheels. This will guide you through the steps of assembling the motor into its enclosure, then adding the fasteners. These steps are to be repeated 4 times for the wheels, and 2 times for the separate sides of the drive system.

*Note: If you plan on driving your Bowie around a lot (who wouldn’t?) we recommend blue thread lock on the fastener threads. It’s possible some pieces may require sanding.

There is an important step in this, and that is, you will need JB weld to securely attach the motor hub to the motor axel, and allow this to set for 24 hours. Otherwise, the tiny set screw may not have enough holding strength to keep it in place on tests with rugged terrain.

Fasteners required

  • 4x M3 8mm
  • 5x M3 5mm
  • 5x M3 washers
  • 5x M3 hex nuts

Supplies required

Pieces required – Check out the pieces page for what to print! (Coming soon)

If you ever need a to see what you are working on, feel free to go back to the splash page, where there is an interactive 3D model viewer there.

Obtain two motor sled pieces. We will be applying hot glue to the interior of both of these. Line the first one with hot glue.

Insert the motor, apply downward force to ensure it is secure.

Then, apply glue to the second motor sled, and press this onto the top of the motor. Apply downwards force to ensure it is secure.

Insert the sled and motor assembly into the motor enclosure. The axel of the motor should go through the hole at the front of the enclosure.

String the wires from the motor through the nub at the top of the motor enclosure. Then, glue the motor enclosure lid to the enclosure, and apply pressure to secure it.

Attach the metal motor hub piece to the motor axel using JB Weld for quick setting steel reinforced epoxy. Ensure that the hub piece is perpedicular on the axel as much as possible. Something to help for this is to press the hub onto the axel on a table. Allow this to dry for 24hrs. (Take a break!)

Place the ninja flex gasket onto the metal motor hub. We will secure it in a later step.

Place the back disk over the metal motor hub. We will attach it later.

Place the motor hub attachment piece onto the ninja flex gasket and metal motor hub.

Add the smaller ninja flex gasket.

Attach the disks to the metal motor hub using 4x M3 8mm screws. There is no need for a nut on the back of the screws in this step.

Next, add in the ninja flex disk on top and secure it with 5x M3 5mm screws. This step may be a little tricky to assemble. You will need to attach nuts to the back of the screws. It is possible, but may require patience, and possibly needlenose pliers will help.

Place the front disk on next. We will secure it later.
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