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4. Scoop

We will finish the arm build by adding the scoop! If you want to add a claw instead, this is the part you would skip in order to add the claw – those instructions aren’t done yet though. Once you complete this, your Bowie will have its arm ready to start scooping garbage.

*Note: If you plan on driving your Bowie around a lot (who wouldn’t?) we recommend blue thread lock on the fastener threads. It’s possible some pieces may require sanding.

Fasteners required

  • 6x M3 16mm
  • 6x M3 washers
  • 6x M3 hex nuts

Supplies required

  • Hot glue

Pieces required – Check out the pieces page for what to print! (Coming soon)

If you ever need a to see what you are working on, feel free to go back to the splash page, where there is an interactive 3D model viewer there.

When you’re done this – congratulations! Keep at it and keep going until your Bowie is complete.

Get your hot glue gun hot! When it is ready, glue along the purple lines and firmly press each part together. Hold until the glue has cooled.
There will be little circular tabs on each piece of the scoop. These can be removed before or after the hot glue process.

Next, get your previously assembled end effector ready. Fasten it to your scoop using 6 x M3 16mm screws.

Your arm should now look something like this.

Attach the arm servos assembly to the humerus by sliding the dovetails into place.

Congratulations! The arm is now assembled with the scoop! Hooray! To complete this process, be sure to give your robot arm a high five!
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