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Robot Missions

Low-Cost Robotics for Environmental Applications

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Participants at Field Tests

Kilograms of non-natural debris collected by robot

Metres travelled by robot

Robots replicated

Entry-Level Automation for Parks

Robot Missions’ low-cost robot is designed for environmental observation, cleanup, and restoration. The primary objective is to increase efficiency of park operations through our automation services.

Less Intrusive

Unlike large machinery, our robot has a smaller footprint, thus accessing more locations and causing less unintended destruction.


Our robot can easily be deployed to various locations around a city without requiring larger machines to transport it, weighing in around 3kg. Easily bring the robot with you on public transit during non-peak hours.

Quiet Operation

Powered by rechargeable lithium-polymer batteries, and with a DC gear motor drive system, our robot operates quietly without loud distracting humming of engines.

Extendable and Repairable

Comprised entirely of 3D printed pieces, the capabilities of the robot can be easily extendable to accommodate your automation needs. Limited downtime of the robot when a piece breaks, thanks to the easily repairable pieces.

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Empowering Communities

By empowering communities to embark on missions aimed at helping our planet using robots, we harness the power of citizen science to respond locally to these global challenges.

At the heart of Robot Missions are Field Tests, bringing together a group of volunteers spanning technology, environmental, and educational communities. At the park, we operate the robot and pick up trash, with the public joining in too. For several, this is their introductory experience to robotics.

Featured Technology Demonstration

Robot Missions was honoured to have the opportunity to demonstrate our technology to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at MadeMill, at the Innovation Centre Bayview Yards.

Robot Missions is attracting significant interest from residents, the education community and others for its innovative approach to solving the real problem of beach contamination. I recently participated in a demonstration at Westboro Beach, and was excited to see so many young people taking part. Solving environmental problems will depend on attracting Canadians to STEM studies and careers. Robot Missions is a great way to both help keep our natural environment clean while exciting residents about learning more about technology. Jeff Leiper

Councillor, Kitchissippi Ward in Ottawa, ON


Educational Workshops

Robot Missions’ unique robotics program, Adopt-a-Bot, embeds our robot and three lesson guides into a classroom for one month.

The lesson guides match areas of the Ontario curriculum in Grades 4 – 6 in Science and Math. Students get hands-on experience with the robot with environmental applications. Additionally, this experience is made available to schools in three types of half-day workshops.


Robot Platform

For the makers, future roboticists, and environmentalists with a technology bent, Robot Missions’ Bowie Robot Platform can help you get started with your own Field Tests and experiments.

Our robot was designed to be replicated on 3D printers in Fab Labs, makerspaces, and schools. Programming the robot is accessible by using our library with the Arduino IDE. Beta testing coming soon.

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Helping the Planet with Robots

Robot Missions’ automation service reimagines how parks within cities will be more efficient at their environmental operations by making intelligent decisions based on data. Our low-cost robots serve as a gateway entry into this.

Robot Missions’ Bowie Robot Platform puts the tools of helping our environment directly in the hands of the community, thereby democratising robotics for tackling these challenges together.

Visionary Future of Robots

Robot Missions founder Erin Kennedy shares her vision of the role robotics plays in the future of environmental stewardship during an address to Her Honour the Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario.

For more background on Robot Missions, see Erin’s interview featured in the Journal of Open Hardware, and the very early stages on Discovery Channel.

About Our Company

Robot Missions Inc. is a social enterprise in Ontario, Canada.

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