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About Robot Missions

Robot Missions empowers communities to tackle challenges facing the environment using robots. We developed a robot platform to assist with environmental cleanup, restoration, and observation. Mission #1 is shoreline cleanup.

The Municipal Trials project will address the problem surrounding litter and pollution found on beaches.

Active Citizen Engagement

At the heart of Robot Missions are Field Tests, bringing together a group of participants spanning technology, environmental, and educational communities. For several, this is their introductory experience to robotics.

Educational Experience

We have engaged with over 250 participants, including working with SHAD at Queen’s University, the EONS Girl Guides unit, and Lake Ontario Waterkeeper.



Robot Missions’ vision is to democratize robotics for citizens to tackle environmental challenges.

We want to see robots cleaning parks and beaches across the world. Here in Ontario, we have set the goal of one robot per park by 2030.

Why Sponsor Us?

For everyone with a determination to make the world a better place, Robot Missions is offering the opportunity to sponsor and join our municipal trial efforts.

Supporting Robot Missions offers a highly interactive and hands-on way to connect with the local community, increasing the visibility of your brand.

Sponsoring Robot Missions will strengthen your commitment to protecting our environment, enhancing your corporate-social responsibility.

Sponsorship Tiers

Your company can be a part of helping to make this happen.

The first 3 Platinum sponsors will have their robot compete for the most debris collected. The sponsors of the top three robots will win a 3D printed trophy with a framed photo of their robot!

Title sponsorship is available, to give your brand maximum visibility.

We are open to discussion to how we can adapt the sponsorship to assist your organisation / business the most.

Choose colours of robot
Name the robot
Robot entered into competition
Logo on Website
Logo on Robot
Logo on Apparel and Banners
Social Media Posts (2)
Sponsored Robot Missions video (2-3mins)
Sponsored lawn chair
Field Test buttons (10)

Add-ons for Sponsorship

We have great ways you can customise and add more value to your sponsorship

Purchase 3x controllers


Purchase a robot to donate to a school after the trial 


Workplace Field Test


Adopt-a-Bot for a week


Extra video (60-90s) of the robot doing something valuable with your brand (and posted to our social media channels)


Sponsored lawn chair at Field Tests


Field Test Buttons (20)


Ready to Robot?

We will be thrilled to have you on board, and demo the robot to you in person. Let’s discuss!


What if it is raining?
Bring your umbrellas! (For humans and robots)
Can I get a tax receipt for my contribution?
As Robot Missions is a for-profit social enterprise, we cannot offer a tax receipt. This opportunity presents itself as a way to enhance your positioning with the community from a marketing, brand, and social responsibility standpoint.
How do we know what the money is going towards?

The sponsorship dollars are going towards this specific municipal trials project. For budget details, see the budget breakdown

Additional questions? Email us: