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Collab Log #014: Water, Ice, and 3D printed parts: An experiment

Collab Log #014: Water, Ice, and 3D printed parts: An experiment

We’ve begun some experimenting with PLA 3D printed parts to determine how they’re affected by exposure to water and ice, and to see if we can use a coating to make them waterproof.

Erin has designed an STL of a nalgene lid, and Beck has printed it. For the first round of testing, we’ll do the following experiments:

  • Placing a part in water for a set amount of time
  • Placing a part in water, freezing it, thawing it, and repeating it.

Next we’ll try the same experiments, but we’ll treat the part with sealant first.

In this first round of testing, we used a plastic tupperware container to freeze the part.

Surprisingly, it survived fairly well, even without any surface treatment! One small crack occurred on the inside of the cap.

Frozen lid!

Small break around center piece,

Just a small break!

TEDxOttawa Presentation

TEDxOttawa Presentation

Join our founder Erin at TEDxOttawa tonight (virtually) sharing stories of how people and robots working together can help solve environmental problems. In her talk will be video clips of the robots, such as Bowie! If you want to join in, tickets are available here.

This is part of the global climate countdown initiative by TED. TEDxOttawa is running 4 events in this series: Community, Businesses, Governments, What’s Next.

It’s great to have this opportunity to share what we as a community have accomplished with the robots. There’s a breakout session after the presentations, which will be a great place to discuss more and hopefully draw up some more interest in Codename Terrapulse and more of our newer projects.

See ya there!