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Field Log #002 – Polystyrene pieces everywhere

Field Log #002 – Polystyrene pieces everywhere

Observed many polystyrene pieces by the lake. Though individually they were easy to overlook at a quick glance given their small size, there were clusters that formed, even landing well above the rocks forming a water wall. Here’s some photos of the observations:

These pieces are polystyrene
Collecting in areas where there are rocks
Almost looks like snow, but it’s not…
The clusters can even be seen from further away – where it’s white
Polystyrene pieces caught amongst intertwined pieces of grass
Polystyrene pieces collecting near these rocks
Polystyrene pieces between these smaller rocks
Now the polystyrene pieces are captured between these rocks
Down these steps is where many of the polystyrene pieces are situated
Some of the polystyrene pieces land above the steps onto the grass
Close up of the polystyrene pieces which are now on land