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Tech Log #016: All 51 datapoints on map!

Tech Log #016: All 51 datapoints on map!

All 51 datalog points are being displayed on the map! The bug from yesterday was fixed. There were three contributing factors, a type error when parsing, a unicode decode error, and the most pertinent one was parsing .DS_Store instead of a real log file. The first two errors were missed because forever is able to restart the scripts automatically upon exit. It was only after looking at the forever logs was it noticed. Glad it was found! The parsing the wrong file was due to not incrementing the line number at the certain part of the code that’s to skip that file. Once those were fixed, the 51 devices were added to the array for the map as expected.
The dots are coloured based on Yellow Bowie or Original Bowie. There is a sound that is emitted too, each time a new MQTT message arrives. It makes for interesting emergences of musical beats, or maybe it’s just noise.
There’s a video available here where you can hear the sounds (available early to Patreon backers – will post it here when it’s released).
Anyway, it’s cool to finally see where all the data points are situated in the world! Enjoy these screenshots. Next step is to refactor lat & lon messages to be sent as one message, and dynamically load / unload devices.