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A total of 51 logs are sending data simultaneously at 1 second intervals to our MQTT server on AWS. For each log, there are currently 3 data points being sent at the same time. loglooper was updated to receive file, device id, and date through command line arguments, since there’s 51 logs from 2018’s field tests to go through. Created a new python script to go through the directory of the data files, then generate a bash script that will launch forever to start or stop the scripts. Some experimentation was done on timing between calls to forever. On the computer, it works fine with 0.5 second delay between calls. However, on the server, sometimes the EC2 instance becomes stuck. When that happens, no messages are being sent or received on MQTT. A solution to this would be to batch the script in logs of 10 or so. Anyway, all 51 are running now on my computer sending the data to the MQTT server. It’s going to be real interesting to see if it will crash. Yesterday was mainly searching for the log files, and wasn’t enough of an update to post yesterday. The next steps are to display the dots — all 51 — on the map.
Check out this video snippet to see the activity:
Here’s a glimpse at the EC2 instance during testing, let’s see how it responds after some time