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Today we finished the remainder of the instruction assembly photos for the super bright lights kit. This meant gluing each led into their mount, which then gets attached to the front or back of Bowie. White leds are in the front, blue leds are in the back. The number of screws was figured out, and added to the other two kits. Packing list was finalised and added to the bags. Heatsets were added to the enclosures for both kits.

Had success with the flexible filament. The trick was to apply kapton tape to the smooth pei sheet. Adjust the fine tuning of the z level so the first layer is adequately stuck. The build platform temperature was increased to 85 deg C. Nozzle temperature was 220 deg C. There was enough time to make 3 sets, which is 24 disks.

We think these are the steps in this documentation process:

1) Lists of the components for bill of materials and packing list

2) Photos of step-by-step assembly process

3) Photo editing of the photos

4) Written description of each step

5) Editing review

6) Formatting for website

7) Making sure files and code are up and work

8) Publish it

9) Add the kits to our online store

10) Ship it

Presently, most kits are in step 1 & 2. Super bright lights graduated to step 3 today. The Bowie Brain Kit is in step 4.

What’s next is the motor kit and the operator interface. For both, we need to organize a list of the pieces. Speaking of list of pieces, the power pack kit does not have a packing list yet. The motor kit is partially complete, but we need metal pieces. The operator interface needs organization, then components need to be ordered. The next step will be organizing these todo list items and determining what resources are needed to take action for the next step.