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This is one of those updates where a lot of the previous effort starts to look like it is starting to come to fruition. Today we did the manual work of moving the descriptions from google docs to sheets for the brain kit. However, before jumping in to the next step, first we had to do some edits that we stumbled across that were not complete. In total, there were 24 edits that had to be made.

After that, export as csv and write the python script to translate that into the html for the tables. A couple of tweaks were needed, then it was ready. Exported all of the text files for each separate part, then copy and pasted them into wordpress pages. What a treat to finally see this (almost) live! See it for yourself here. (And the other pages in the navigation bar.)

A few more additions are necessary, such as the descriptions for each part, as well as buttons to advance or go to the previous page. The dropdown menu orders the list 1. 10. 11. 2., so not sure how to fix that apart from putting z in front of 10 and 11.

The next steps will be to continue the written descriptions for kit log. Power pack is the next one in line.