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Today we wrote two simple scripts to help automate some of this. The first one was a simple one to put the sequence of images for steps into a csv file, which is then imported into google sheets. This worked, and now the written instruction descriptions for the power pack, super bright lights, operator interface, and wheel kit, are waiting to be written. After this is done, another script will need to be written to take that export of csv, and turn it in to the html for the tables. See the work in progress here.

The next one was also a simple script to take a sequence and generate the html for the tables. This one is sort of manual, because it’s taking what we see on the brain kit instructions in google docs, and preparing it for the tables. Inserting the descriptions will be a manual process still.

The next steps are all somewhat manual intensive, so it will mainly be about chipping away at the tasks until they are complete.